Melissa "Katie" Williams

Marketing Portfolio

I know what you're thinking:

"That's weird. Why did she choose a picture of a dog looking at her? Why not a head shot?"



Everybody else has a head shot. And I don't want you to see me like everybody else. I want you to see me the same way my dog Arya does- as the very best. 

Nurse Backpack

June 2018 - Present

Nurse Backpack is a free mobile app designed to help nurses manage their licenses, credentials, documents, and work history. 

Nurse Backpack's number one goal is to increase app downloads while bootstrapping campaigns. I focused on organic methods such as social media, web improvement, tracking, and email marketing. Our secondary focus was on strategic and paid partnerships with influencers on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and podcasts. 




Increased average visitor retention from 5-10 seconds per visit to 30-45 seconds

When I was brought onto the team, Nurse Backpack desperately needed a new website. There were no clear call to actions, the images were dated, links were not optimized, and it was too text heavy. I created a website that is much easier to use, loads faster, and positions Nurse Backpack as it needs to be- a sleek, innovative, and mobile oriented company. 

Technology Mix

  • Hotjar


  • Hubspot

  • Trello


  • Canva

  • Google Analytics

  • Facebook Pixel

  • MailChimp

  • Survey Monkey

  • Google Docs

  • PureChat

  • Squarespace 

  • Calendly


  • Social Media 

  • By building strategic relationships with relevant influencers, I was able to lower our User Acquisition Cost from $25 to $5.02. We are able to track downloads by providing a customized deep link for them. Several influencers also wrote sponsored blog content, positively impacting our SEO.

    Lower UAC

  • When I was first brought onto the team, Nurse Backpack was utilizing purchased email lists. I changed our focus to organically creating our own email list, full of subscribers that willingly opted in to our content. These subscribers receive weekly blogs delivered to their inbox. 

    Drip Campaigns

  • By partnering with several nurses on YouTube I increased our weekly download average as more people viewed the videos. This increased our daily downloads by 100% per day. YouTube was an excellent choice for us, as we pay a one time fee for something that stays online forever. 

    Steady Downloads

  • I created inspirational, funny, and engaging content for our social media channels to encourage our organic growth. Our Instagram is currently at 6.4k followers. The most popular content is both our Murphy's Law of Nursing and our Nurse Of The Week program. NOTWs are selected from users that have tagged us in their photos.

    Organic Growth

  • I attended trade shows such as NTI, AORN, Magnet, and more as the representative for the Nurse Backpack brand. Apart of set up and tear down, I was responsible for the sales of our Enterprise version, generating excitement and downloads for our free mobile app, and following up with each of our leads following the conference. 

    Trade Shows

  • I hosted several giveaways via social media and conferences. Those who downloaded the app received additional entries. Our most successful giveaways were partnered with other nursing brands that were not competitors, such as publishing sites and scrubs clothing lines. 

    Strategic Partnerships

Nymeria's Fundraiser

February 2019

This is the story of how I was able to utilize my marketing skills in order to raise $15,000 in one month for my special needs rescue, Nymeria. 

Out of all of my projects, this the one I am most proud of. 

Dec 31st

My fiance and I drove 840 miles in two days in order to rescue a special needs dog. We felt called to Nymeria. She was a perfect match for our current pup, Arya. 

Jan 29

I took Nymeria to the vet to address some issues we had noticed. She was diagnosed with severe bilateral dysplasia with secondary osteoarthritis. Fixing her would cost over $14,000 and we didn't have that kind of money. 

Jan 30

Her rescue hid this pre-existing condition from us and refused to help us financially. Instead of driving another 840 miles to give her back, I decided to use my talents to fight for her. I started a fundraiser for Nymeria.

Mar 1

After one month, I had not only reached, but surpassed my fundraising goals for Nymeria! She will be able to obtain the surgeries she needs to have a happy and healthy life. 


Facebook vs GoFundMe - I chose to host my fundraiser on Facebook rather than GoFundMe as you can invite every single one of your Facebook friends to donate to your cause, whereas GoFundMe only allows you to share the link and relies on post visibility for success. 

Compelling Copy - I hail from a family of storytellers. While I didn't inherit the talent of weaving tales aloud, I'm quite adept at writing them down. People would only donate if our story spoke to them in some way. It was my job to tug at their heart strings. You can read my posts here.

Shareable Content - My personal Instagram account has 16,000 followers. When I launched the fundraiser, I announced it on my page with a feed post, a story post, and the link both in my bio and the ability to swipe up on the story. I created the story post to be easily shared and offered to feature anyone who reposted it or donated on my story. This incentivised over 400 people to share our story via Instagram alone. 

Dog Influencers - I was able to utilize my friendship with several high profile dog accounts to spread the word about Nymeria. @WaywardExplorers came and took photographs of Nymeria to help with fundraising. @DesertBunnyAndWolf shared our story, as did @WildlingWanders, @AdventureSibes, all of whom have over 35,000 active followers. 

Brand Partnerships & eBook - In order to drive more donations and say thank you to those that had already contributed, I made a free eBook. I reached out to over 100 various dog related or dog friendly companies requesting a custom promo code or offer for my donors. I was able to obtain these codes by focusing my efforts on companies that already had affiliate marketing tactics in place, as it would be much easier for them. I also highlighted the fact that this eBook would help them reach hundreds of new customers. 

Tenacity - The number one thing I attribute to our success is my tenacity, or stubbornness to get it done. I posted daily, reminded people to share, and tried many different methods, many of which failed. I contacted @Dog_Rates every single day via Twitter, Facebook, email, DMs, or Instagram. Every Friday their account features a dog in need and they always meet their fundraising goals. I knew getting their attention would guarantee we met our goal. I went so far as to monitor the account every day with a tweet ready to go so the first/top reply to each of their tweets would be about Nymeria. This got their attention! They featured our story and we met our goal that day. 

King Baby Studio

January 2018 - June 2018

King Baby Studio is a high end and hand crafted jewelry line, designed to capture the spirit of America's rock n' roll vibes.

King Baby values customer experience and quality above all else. As their Social Media Manager, I monitored all online channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. My primary focus was increasing engagement, brand awareness, and driving sales via online advertisements. 

Key Accomplishments

  • ​Increased Instagram following by 25.29% in 6 months from 17,021 followers to 21,323

  • Introduced social media as a sales channel, bringing social sales dollars from $0 to an average of $4000 per month

  • Designed and implemented web exclusive sample sales that accounted for 40% of both January and May’s web sales

Women's History Month

Favorite Project

Influencers & Celebrities

As the Social Media Manager, I was responsible for locating influencers and creating low-cost partnerships with them. We would trade 1-2 pieces of jewelry for 2-5 high quality images of the client wearing them. The client would be able to keep the jewelry, as long as we were tagged on any photos on social media in which they were wearing them.

  • Constant Contact​

  • Shopify

  • Criteo

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Docs

  • Facebook Analytics

  • Photoshop

  • Lightroom

  • Nikon

  • 3D Photographic Equipment

Technology Mix